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This webpage is a legacy page to Bud Houston. It will serve as a general repository for all things dog agility to include maps, articles, equipment, course design, organizations, definitions, guidebooks, videos, etc. The subpages will obviously have content from Bud Houston but also from others around the world. I hope you find the content useful.

Bud Houston has retired from active participation in the sport of dog agility, but he leaves a lasting legacy. He pioneered the development of the sport in every aspect including equipment, training, and competition. USDAA recent post.

To me, one of his greatest contributions was the creation of the Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA). While something of a misnomer nowadays, the entire concept of the organization revolves around a "safe, competitive venue for dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree, and to encourage course challenges that are comparable to the course challenges which face large dog handlers in other popular venues." 

My other favorite is the creation of the International Dog Agility League. Bud truly is a visionary and pioneer. This organization provides a competitive venue for dogs around the world to come together as teams and pit themselves against one another without ever leaving their home base.  It has always been the case that large events do not necessarily display the skills of the best but rather those who could afford to travel to the event. In the days of COVID-19, the concept of gathering the best together in one location becomes even more challenging. The concept of competing virtually leverages today's technology at the agility field to showcase handlers from all over the globe.


TDAA Map and Briefing Repository

This location will house historical agility course maps and briefings I have gathered over the years.


Bud's Musings on Agility

This location will link to general articles and blogs on agility.


Map Repository

This location will link to articles, blogs, etc on course design.


Bud's Musings on Course Design

This location will house agility maps from other organizations that I have gathered.

IDAL Logo.jpg

International Dog Agility League

This location will house historical files such as results from the different leagues.

Engineering Sketch

Equipment Plans

A collection of current plans as I create or find them.

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