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2023 First Season Comparison of Team Scoring Methods – 40x85 Overall Analysis

Now that we have an idea of how scores were manipulated, now we can show how this all hashed out on the 40x85 First Season of 2023.

Scenario 1 (Original Method)

This method is the sum of just the top five scores from each club on the Adept course. No equalization methods used.

Scenario 2 (Average LPP Added)

For Scenario 2, scores the average LPP for all runs was calculated and added to the squad score so that each squad had a total of 5 scores to sum.

Scenario 3 (Squad Avg LPP)

In Scenario 3, we used the squad average LPP to complete the scores.

Scenario 4 (Lowest Avg LPP)

For each squad, we took the lowest average of either the overall LPP or the squad LPP to complete the missing scores.


It makes sense that in the old way of calculating team scores (Scenario 1), that teams with fewer than 5 runs may be disadvantaged, perhaps significantly so. But is a team of one really a team? What about 2, 3, or 4?

It also makes sense that Sport Dogs Jalisco (CMX002) would be in last place in all four scenarios because they were only able to submit runs for one month. Additionally, it makes sense that PAWS4FUN (CAN005) would be in first and second place because they performed well and submitted scores for all months.

That leaves the line of demarcation at Lakeside Agility Club and Jump Agility Dogs. Both clubs were technically out in March because Jump Agility Dogs did not run the Adept course, and Lakeside was unable to submit runs. Again, should one run be considered a team? I lean towards saying that it is not.

We will be presenting the data from the other two leagues shortly. These results should provide more insight.


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