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2023 First Season Team Scoring Methods – 40x85 January

We are going to begin our analysis with the 40x85 league from January through April.

January 2023

Scenario 1

Three clubs competed in January on the 40x85 course.

The original method of calculating club scores was to sum the top five LPP for each club. Clubs that had fewer than 5 scores only received the total of the LPP of those dogs who ran. Using this method, the club scores for January would be the last column in this table.

Scenario 2

For the first season of 2023, we proposed dividing the clubs into squads. Squads unable to field 5 runs for the month could either complete additional runs to earn the 5 scores or the secretary would use the average of all the LPP earned across the field to use for the missing LPP within a squad. The Average LPP for all runs in January was 11.

This would result in the following values for January.

Scenario 3

Rather than use the overall LPP average, let us look at using the squad’s average.

Scenario 4

We will now take the data to a fourth scenario. To make up for missing scores in a squad, we will use the lower of the team LPP average or the overall LPP average.

Final View

Now a final table to visualize how the scenarios changed the placements.

Even if we had used the higher LPP of 11 for CMX002 in the final scenario, they would still have placed 4th overall.

Well, that is all really confusing, but what does it mean? To get a better feel for how things would shake out, we need to extend the analysis for the entire season for two reasons. First, we need more data, and second, team scores encompass an entire season… on to the next analysis.


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