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All Time LPP Totals

This post has a link to an Excel workbook that presents a pivot table for all dogs registered with the International Dog Agility League. The pivot table is sorted from the most LPP earned in 2022 to the least. That way, all dogs who competed in 2022 will be easier to view.

Please note that the data must be "cleaned" before input into the database. For example, Dog ID 251901 is Mutya; however, Mutya was originally entered into the worksheets as Moocha. I have to go back into the worksheets and fix all the dog names that have the same ID number so that LPP is awarded correctly for the titles.

Also note that not all of the scores in the Totals Table have an associated club (the data from before 2022). This will be fixed as I clean data.

I apologize that I have taken so long on this. Hopefully I am creating processes that will streamline this process for the future.

All time LPP_post
Download XLSX • 598KB

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