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August 2023 40x85 Results

This month we ran a numbered course. Scored: Time, plus faults.

40x85 Adept Course for August 2023

40x85 Results

The results on this file are for both the Adept and Intern.

Download XLS • 2.93MB

40x85 Adept Results

Top Dog: Jazz Brown and Deborah Brown, 5 faults, 50.03 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 5 faults, 67.6 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Finley and Stacey Ring, 5 faults, 72.7 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club

PAWS4FUN was the only club to submit Adept results this month.

40x85 Intern Course Map

40x85 Intern Results

Top Dog: Fizz and Katherine Fraser, 0 faults, 22.15 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Zooey and Shannon Walshe, 0 faults,22.5 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Otis and Sophie Fraser, 10 faults, 28.4 sec.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at

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