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IDAL 2023 Titles Earned – Season 1

I am pleased to announce the round-up of titles earned by the participating teams in the first season of 2023. Congratulations to everyone! Titles are awarded based on the Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) earned by a dog/handler team.

Top Dog


40x85 Season 1: Lola and Heather Esdon

50x70 Season 1: Savvy and Cindy Fink

60x90 Season 1: Chia and Kendra Stein


40x85: Zooey and Shannon Walshe

50x70: Molly and Lu Wyland

60x90: Violet and Kathy Schmitt

Highest award achieved: IDAG8

Rockstar Ruby and Liz Clements with a total of 4524 LPP

Most LPP Earned in Season 1 of 2023: 155

Lola and Heather Esdon

Dog Agility Gamer Exceptional:

· Augustus and Liz Clements (January 60x90 and April 60x90)

Dog Agility Player Exceptional:

· Athena and Erin Moore (February 40x85)

· Jazz and Deborah Brown (March 40x85)

· Lola and Heather Esdon (January 40x85)

· Sheila and Vickie DeMenge (March 60x90)

· Jasper and Shana Goodwin (January 50x70, February 50x70, April 50x70)

· Wick and Hannah Teegard (February 60x90)

· Savvy and Cindy Fink (March 50x70)

Dog Agility Initiate: (50 LPP)

· PeeWee and Alicia Meyer

· Kai and Betty White

· Tifa and Ricardo Barroso

· Lyric and Leanne Raw

· Jace and Leanne Raw

Dog Agility Dabbler: (300 LPP)

· Kepler and Sheila Smail

· Daisy and Jenny Oulman

· Piper and Paul Rigo

· Basil and Cindy Fink

· Dusty and Doug Darrah

Dog Agility Player: (500 LPP)

· Lola and Heather Esdon

· Renee and Roberta McCarty

· Anni and Marge Mattern

· Charlie and Kathy Schmitt

· Camilla and Linda Hendy

· Lupita and Lorraine Farrow

· Zoe and Beth Trayers

Dog Agility Gamer: (1000 LPP)

· Wick and Hannah Teegard

· Scout and Cindy Snowden

· Navi and Ali Kuschel

· Harry and Omar Alarcon

· Broko and Omar Alarcon




· Questions, comments, snide remarks, and feedback go to Melissa Wallace, IDAL Secretary, at

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