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Rules for International Dog Agility League 2023

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

We have been trying some new things in the league over the past two years. The rules posted here reflect DRAFT changes to how the league will be organized starting in May 2023.

There are not many changes, but there are some clarifications.

  • Lifetime Performance Points are still calculated the same way

  • Added a few more awards

  • Clarified the categories of Adept and Intern so they would not be confused with title names

  • Codified how and when Interns can be moved up to the Adept squads

  • Added details on how to divide your club into different squads so that all team members contribute to their squad scores

  • Codified how to handle absences so that your squads have 5 scores to tally for each month

  • Clarified the concept of mulligans and how LPP is awarded to dogs running the course more than once

This is a work in progress as always. Let me know of any issues or comments you may have. This league is for you! Help shape it for your benefit!

Thank you to everyone for helping develop the league. I look forward to another fun year with everyone!

2023 TopDogRules6.2_2023Jan06
Download DOC • 1.65MB

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