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January 50x70 Results

We started out the new year with a game that has a rather unique strategy, In and Out.

In and Out Briefing:

The course is divided into three different segments. The “inner” loop, the “in and out” loop and the “outer” loop. The dog must start with the “inner” loop, move to the in-and out loop and finish with the outer loop.  If a fault occurs during a loop, the dog must immediately restart from the first obstacle in that loop. The loop is repeated until completed without fault and is finished when the dog starts the next loop.

The judge will call out “fault” when a dog has faulted an obstacle. Faults include dropped bars, wrong courses, and missed contacts. The use of toys or food will not result in a fault.  As the dog runs the course, the team accumulates the point values of each obstacle taken. Values are listed below. Points can never be lost even if the dog faults and must restart a loop.

The timekeeper will blow a whistle at the end of course time. Course time is 55 seconds for all dogs. If the dog has not completed the course, he must be directed to the finish line to stop time. The finish line is the last obstacle on the course. If the dog completes the entire course before time runs out, the difference between the dog’s time and the course time becomes bonus points added to the score. All times are rounded up to the next whole second for this calculation; however, for time in the spreadsheet, please put the actual time to hundredths of a second (as normal).


Inside Loop is black numbers

In and Out Loop is red numbers

Outside Loop is purple numbers


Point Values:

Jumps – 1

Tunnels – 3

Contacts - 5 


Scoring: In and Out is scored Points, Plus Bonus, Then Time.


50x70 Course Map

Master results_2024Jan_50x70
Download PDF • 75KB

50x70 Results

Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog Overall: Sofie and Nickie Roberts, 54 points.


2nd Place Dog: Lupita and Lorraine Farrow, 53 points.


3rd Place Dog: Zaz AND Linda Hendy, 51 points


Top Interns

Top Dog Intern: Zaz AND Linda Hendy, 51 points


2nd Place Dog: Woofie and Carmen Carrouche, 44 points.


3rd Place Dog: Suellen and Betty White, 41 points






Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at


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