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July 2023 40x85 Results

In July we played a game called Copy Cat.

Briefing for Copy Cat

Copycat is a “dog’s-choice” game. That means the handler can direct the dog through the performance of obstacles in the order and direction of his own choosing, or the dog’s choosing, as the case may be.

The dog may perform each obstacle only twice for points. Obstacles must be correctly performed to earn points. If the dog performs obstacles of the same value one after the other the dog will earn a fault for “copycatting.” For each copycat fault the dog will be penalized 5 points; (and will not earn the value of the second obstacle). Faulted obstacles earn no points. Dropped bars will not be replaced and the jump is out of play. Refusals will not be called. Weaves may be reattempted without fault.

All dogs will have 45 seconds to gather points. Scoring stops at 45 seconds; get to the finish!

Point values for obstacles are

• Jumps 1 point

• Tunnels and tire 3 points

• Contacts and weave poles 5 points


Copycat is scored Points, Less Faults, Then Time. The dog with the highest number of points wins. Time is a tiebreaker only. Normally, the game rules subtract one point for every second over course time.

40x85 Course for July 2023

40x85 Results

Download PDF • 386KB

Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog: Kepler and Sheila Smail, 47 points, 48.59sec.

2nd Place Dog: Darwin and Erin Pretorius, 46 points, 43.12 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 38 points, 48.22 sec.

40x85 Intern Results

Top Dog: Darwin and Erin Pretorius, 46 points, 43.12 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Nike and Sam McCarren, 35 points, 48.59 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Fizz and Katherine Fraser, 31 points, 44.8 sec.


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