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June 2023 50x70 Results - Preliminary

These results are preliminary only because I have not completed the team scores. Individual scores are done.

Some of the times were so ridiculously close that I had to download them and review them on my video editing software. I also wanted to use the same eyes to get the times. In the end, I updated a couple of times because they were actually faster than originally reported. I then compared the other two down to the thousandth of a second. First and second were clear. Yep, that second place dog is a Corgi. I don’t know how they can get their bodies around a course so fast, but they are incredible. Third and fourth were brutal. I hope to get decent videos out of a side-by-side with Gia/Gus and Jasper/El.

The course for June was a numbered course.

Scoring: Time, plus Faults.

50x70 Adept Course for June 2023

50x70 Results

Team Scores Pending

2023June_50x70 Results Interim
Download PDF • 500KB

Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog Overall: Jasper and Shana Goodwin, 0 faults, 28.03 sec.

2nd Place Dog: El and Sean McQuaid, 0 faults, 29.997 seconds.

3rd Place Dog: Gia and Roberta McCarty, 0 faults, 31.997 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club

All Breed Training Club of Akron: Savvy and Cindy Fink, 0 faults, 34.53 sec.

Dazhbor Training: No Results posted.

Jumping C Crew: Gia and Roberta McCarty, 0 faults, 31.997 sec.

K9cation: Jasper and Shana Goodwin, 0 faults, 28.03 sec.

Lakeside Agility Club: Zaz and Linda Hendy, 5 faults, 50.48 sec.

PAWS4FUN: Lola and Heather Esdon, 0 faults, 41.32 sec.

Sport Dogs Jalisco: No results posted.

50x70 Intern Course

50x70 Intern Results

2023June_50x70Intern Results Interim
Download PDF • 194KB

Top Intern Dog Overall: Zaz and Linda Hendy, 0 faults, 33.74 sec.

Second Place Intern Dog: Morgan and Lynn Gordon, 0 faults, 46.45 sec.

Third Place Intern Dog: Kai and Betty White, 0 faults, 50.54 sec.


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