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June 2023 60x90 Results - Preliminary

These results are preliminary only because I have not completed the team scores. Individual scores are done. I realized I needed to at least get the individual scores out.

In June we ran numbered courses. They were pretty twisty!

Scoring: Time, plus Faults.

60x90 Adept Course for June 2023

60x90 Adept Results

Team Scores Pending

2023June_60x90 Results
Download PDF • 383KB

Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog: Navi and Ali Kuschel, 0 faults, 30.8 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Chia and Kendra Stein, 0 faults, 35.42 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Hilo and Mary Hertwig, 0 faults, 36.93 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club

Dazhbor Training: No results posted.

Cloud Nine: Navi and Ali Kuschel, 0 faults, 30.8 sec.

Jumping C Crew: No results posted.

K9 Powersports: No results reported.

POTC Thunder Pawz: Bennie and Nancy Mersot, 0 faults, 43.13 sec.

Sport Dogs Jalisco: No results posted.

Water's Edge: Chia and Kendra Stein, 0 faults, 35.42 sec.

60x90 Intern Course for June 2023

60x90 Intern Results

2023June_60x90 Intern Results
Download PDF • 374KB

Top Dog: Gabby and Erika Burdette, 5 faults, 47.93 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Archie and Megan Bomer, 0 faults, 61.25 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Violet and Kathy Schmitt, 5 faults, 62.87 sec.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at

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