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May 2023 60x90 Results - Preliminary

These results are preliminary only because I have not completed the team scores. Individual scores are done. I realized I needed to at least get the individual scores out.

Shout out to the Interns. You guys made some great choices for your dogs. Well on your way!

Briefing for “May the 4th Be With You”

I must admit to being a Star Wars fan. So, I decided to modify a game concept I came up with back in 2012. Using a combination of previous league courses, this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Objective: Use the Force (a la Star Wars) to guide you without faults on the course of your choosing.

Briefing: This game allows the handler to choose between two numbered courses, the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force. Each path of the Force has advantages and disadvantages depending on the team. The Light Side of the Force is a more technically challenging course, but it is shorter. The Dark Side is easier to follow, but the path is long.

Pick your path and follow the numbers. Faults will be applied as they would be on a numbered course. No refusals will be called.

Only YOU can use the Force and determine your path!

Scoring: Time, plus Faults.

60x90 Course for May 2023

60x90 Adept Results

Team Scores Pending

2023May_60x90 Results
Download PDF • 386KB

Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog: Gus and Liz Clements, Light Side, 0 faults, 28.62 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Alaska and Liz Clements, Light Side, 0 faults, 31.61 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Ruby and Liz Clements, Light Side, 0 faults, 31.7 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club

Dazhbor Training: No results posted.

Cloud Nine: Navi and Ali Kuschel, Light Side, 5 faults, 29.16 sec.

Jumping C Crew: Gus and Liz Clements, Light Side, 0 faults, 28.62 sec.

K9 Powersports: No results reported.

POTC Thunder Pawz: Bennie and Nancy Mersot, Dark Side, 0 faults, 33.09 sec.

Sport Dogs Jalisco: No results posted.

Water's Edge: Chia and Kendra Stein, Light Side, 0 faults, 36.05 sec.

60x90 Intern Results

Top Dog: Ella and Jessica Marlewski, Dark Side, 5 faults, 99.47 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Violet and Kathy Schmitt, Dark Side, 10 faults, 126.00 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Gabby and Erika Burdette, Dark Side, 25 faults, 137.21 sec.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at

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