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November 2023 40x85 Results


Objective: The objective of The Weakest Link is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time.


Briefing:  The dog must start behind the start line; handlers may lead out. The start line is bidirectional. The handler directs the dog to any obstacle to earn points. Each obstacle taken by the dog must be worth as much as or more than the previous obstacle. Any decrease in point value would weaken the chain of obstacles and break the chain, hence the name of the game. Please note that four paws equals commitment; if the dog commits to an obstacle of lesser value, the chain is broken. For example, the dog has done the teeter and then puts four paws into a tunnel but comes back out = fault. For weave poles, commitment is a weaving motion where the dog crosses the line of poles three times regardless of skipping poles.


The dog’s potential score will increase as each obstacle value is added to the total. These are “potential” points, but the dog cannot keep these points until they are “banked.”  Points are banked when the dog gets on the table (no position, no pausing, no time required – just get them to touch it with any or all paws). When the dog banks his points, they are kept secure toward the final score and cannot be lost. When points are banked, the “potential” points score is set back to zero, and the dog and handler team start another sequence to collect points if time remains.


Back-to-back performance of obstacles is permitted, but only back-to-back. A third performance shall constitute a fault. A sequence of obstacles can only be taken twice and be banked. A third performance of an identical sequence (exact same obstacles in exact same order and direction) will be faulted. Doing the sequence in reverse will not be considered identical. All obstacles can be taken as many times as desired overall as long as you follow the sequencing rule above.


Faults include dropped bars, missed down contacts, teeter fly-off, taking an obstacle of a lesser value than the previous obstacle taken, and obstacles taken back-back-back. No faults for toy or treats (penalty is TIME).


If a dog faults, the judge will call “fault,” and all potential points are lost (banked points can never be taken away from the dog). The handler should direct the dog to start a new sequence (no need to go to the table). If a bar is dropped on a jump, that jump is out of play for the remainder of the game. Refusals will not be faulted; up contacts are not judged. Weaves are scored “get ‘er done.”


Any points not banked before the whistle are lost. Direct the dog onto the table to stop time.


The Weakest Link is scored Points, then time (tiebreaker).



Jumps = 2 points

Tunnels, Tire = 4 points

Contacts, 6 weaves = 6 points

12 Weave poles = 8 points


Time: All dogs will have 45 seconds to collect points

40x85 Course Map

40x85 Overall Results

Top Dog: Darwin and Erin Pretorius, 62 points, 50.02 sec. (Intern Dog)


2nd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 58 points, 48.5 sec.


3rd Place Dog: Kepler and Sheila Smail, 56 points, 47.03 sec.



40x85 Intern Results

Top Dog: Darwin and Erin Pretorius, 62 points, 50.02 sec.


2nd Place Dog: Fizz and Katherine Fraser, 52 points, 45.63 sec.


3rd Place Dog: Brodie and Gill Land, 40 points, 47.38 sec.


Results_November 40x85
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