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October 2022 40x85 IDAL Results

The courses for October were numbered courses. They were a test of distance handling. Eddie wanted to make sure Janice knew that the yellow contacts were poison!

No one ran the Initiate/Dabbler Course.

40x85 Courses for October 2022

40x85 Regular Results

2022 Oct 40x85 Results
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Top Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 0 faults in 35.8seconds

2nd Place Dog: Al and Janice Burns, 0 faults in 44.9 seconds

3rd Place Dog: Eddie and Janice Burns, 0 faults in 47.24 seconds


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for download at All donations from the sale will go to Bud Houston.

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