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Classes with Melissa

Get started in dog sports!



Urban Agility

Go out into the world and tackle the obstacles found in the natural environment.


Urban Herding

Want to herd but don't have sheep? Come learn to play treibball, the game of urban herding. In treibball, you will learn to communicate with your dog at a distance to bring yoga type balls to the goal in a specific order.

Titles and Ribbons can be earned in this sport.

Tricks and Stunt Dog

Just have fun!

Tricks are fun for you and your dog. They can be simple or complex. "Tricks" are the basis for developing your unique bond with your dog. There are even titles for it! Tricks also stimulate a dog intellectually and create what I call a “thinking dog.” Tricks are exactly what the word implies, but the tricks do not need to be elaborate, physically demanding, or difficult.

Through positive reinforcement you will use the following methods to teach your dog tricks: shaping, capture, mimicry, molding, and modeling.

If you decide to pursue a title, we will perform the evaluation for you to submit.



You do not need to compete to play the game!

This is my most popular service.

You and your teammate will learn this sport literally from the ground up. Your will learn the basics of agility handling starting with flatwork and no obstacles. From there you will progress to cones and learn to correctly perform each obstacle. Next your team starts to sequence obstacles together in simple patterns. Then the patterns get more and more complex!

Other topics will be reading and analyzing a course map, planning and remembering a handling plan for a course, different ways to handle a sequence, challenges, how a judge thinks when designing a course, and how to enter and prepare for a trial.

Foundation/Beginner and Novice classes are offered by Winona Leard at

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