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April 2023 50x70 Results

Catching up on all the results! Here are the final results for April.

This month, we played a game called Heinz 57. Heinz 57 can be a frantic game as the handlers try to direct their dogs to get exactly 57 points.

Briefing for Heinz 57

Objective: Score exactly 57 points as quickly as possible.

Briefing: Dogs may start anywhere on the start line in either direction. They start the time by either taking an obstacle located on the start line (including the weaves where appropriate) or crossing over the start line.

Obstacles can be taken twice for points; back-to-back performances are never allowed. Another obstacle must be performed before the dog can be redirected to an obstacle (whether or not it was faulted). A faulted obstacle earns no points. Jumps are not reset.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Jumps: 1

Tunnels: 2

Contacts(weaves as appropriate): 3

The tire is a special obstacle. It will double all the points earned up to that point. The tire may be taken twice but may not be taken back-to-back.

Except for jumps, if a dog commits to any obstacle with four paws, he is required to complete the performance of that obstacle, whether or not it is faulted. A faulted obstacle may be repeated, but only after another obstacle has been attempted.

Time stops in the red box noted on the map. Use tape or similar to mark a 36x36 inch area. This is used in lieu of the table for safety and so that dogs are not tempted to take it inadvertently. The table is “live” when the dog is directed to it. If the team scores more than 57 points, the excess points will be subtracted from 57 to arrive at the team’s final score. Points under 57 are recorded at the face value.

Scoring: Points, then Time (tiebreaker).

50x70 Courses for April 2023

50x70 Results

Download PDF • 370KB

Top Dogs Overall

2nd Place Dog: Gus and Liz Clements, 57 points in 23.89 seconds.

3rd Place Dog: Alaska and Liz Clements, 57 points in 24.16 seconds.

Top Dogs for Each Club

All Breed Training Club of Akron: Savvy and Cindy Fink, 57 points in 26.22 seconds.

Dazhbor Training: No results posted.

Jumping C Crew: Gus and Liz Clements, 57 points in 23.89 seconds.

K9cation: Jasper and Shana Goodwin, 57 points in 22.69 seconds.

Lakeside Agility Club: Lupita and Lorraine Farrow, 57 points, 32.15 sec.

PAWS4FUN: Lola and Heather Esdon, 57 points in 36.31 seconds.

Sport Dogs Jalisco: No results posted.

50x70 Intern Results

Top Intern Dog Overall: Melanie and Betty White, 57 points, 59.5 sec.

Second Place Intern Dog: Molly and Lu Wayland, 57 points, 63.27 sec.

Third Place Intern Dog: Kai and Betty White, 57 points, 70.05 sec.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for download at All donations from the sale will go to Bud Houston.

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