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December 2023 40x85 Results

In December, we played a numbered course. Scored time, plus faults.

40x85 Adept Course Map

40x85 Adept Results

Top Dog: Kepler and Sheila Smail, 5 faults, 27.21 sec.


2nd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 0 faults, 33.4 sec.


3rd Place Dog: Eddie and Janice Burns, 5 faults, 31.93 sec.

40x85 Intern Course Map

40x85 Intern Results

Top Dog: Darwin and Erin Pretorius, 0 faults, 16.56 sec.


2nd Place Dog: Zooey and Shannon Walshe, 0 faults, 20.25 sec.


3rd Place Dog: Otis and Sophie Fraser, 0 faults, 22.06 sec.



2023Dec_40x85 Results
Download PDF • 194KB


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