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February 2023 IDAL League Courses

The following courses are for February 2023 IDAL play.

This month we are playing a game called Black Hole. Watch out for those tunnels!


Objective: Complete the numbered course with the fastest time. Avoid those looming black hole tunnels.

Key Points:

Complete the numbered sequence. There are no refusals; dropped bars earn a 5-point fault. Wrong courses DO NOT apply except to the tunnels; however, the wrong course must be fixed or you will earn a 20-point failure to perform. Using a food or toy earns a single 5-point fault. If the dog takes a black hole (commits with all four paws), a wrong course (5-point fault) is earned, AND the dog must repeat the tunnel (either direction) before continuing on course.


Scoring: Time, plus faults.

Course Maps




Introducing the Mighty Minis League

This league will be exclusively for mini dogs (dogs equal to or less than 16") using teacup size equipment. The league will mirror the other leagues and run the same.

The maximum ring size will be 47' x 52' (15.9 m x 14.3 m).

Mighty Minis Course

An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs and individuals are always welcome to join us and play these courses. Download the scorekeeping worksheet below. Contact the League Secretary to help with the details at

Existing league franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets set up with their current rosters. If you would like multiple scoresheets, just let me know.


Questions, comments, snide remarks, and feedback go to Melissa Wallace, IDAL Secretary, at

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