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November 2022 40x85 Results

For November, we played a game called Dare to Double.

Dare to Double is scored points, then time.


Objective: Score as many points as possible, repeating a doubling obstacle as often as time allows.

Briefing: Dare to Double is a simple dog’s-choice game. Dogs with a measured height category of 16” or greater get 50 seconds; dogs with a measured height category of 12” or less get 55 seconds.

The game begins at the start line and ends at the table. Handlers may lead out. If the team gets to the table before time expires, they keep all points accumulated on course. If the team fails to do so, they lose half of their points. Do you Dare to Double?

To stop time, the dog must get on the table with all 4 paws. The table is live once the dog crosses the start line.

Scoring obstacles can be taken only twice overall. Back-to-back performances are allowed. Dropped bars will not be reset, and that jump is out of play. The A-frame is the doubling obstacle. During the run, a handler may double the current points by having the dog perform the A-Frame. A successful performance doubles all points earned up to that time. If, however, the dog faults the A-frame, then the dog loses half of his existing points. A handler may double points any time he wishes, as many times as he wishes. The only restriction on doubling is that the A-frame cannot be performed back-to-back. Thus, the handler must do another obstacle, for points, before attempting to double the points again.

There will be a warning whistle 10 seconds before time elapses.

Point Values:

Jumps = 1 pt

Tunnels/Tire = 3 pts

Dogwalk/Teeter = 5 pts

Weaves = 7

A-Frame = Doubling obstacle

40x85 Course for November 2022

40x85 Regular Results

Top Dog: Ridley and Sheila Smail, 514 Points

2nd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 138 Points.

3rd Place Dog: Radar and Carolyn Heide, 118 Points.

40x85 Dabbler Results

Top Dog: Kepler and Sheila Smail, 24 Points

2nd Place Dog: Finley and Stacey Ring, 0 Points.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for download at All donations from the sale will go to Bud Houston.

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