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October 2023 40x85 Results

In October, we played a numbered course. Scored time, plus faults.

40x85 Adept Course for October 2023

40x85 Results

Results_2023 October 40x85
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Top Dogs Overall

Top Dog: Snow and Lynn McGlashan, 0 faults, 34.59 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Eddie and Janice Burns, 15 faults, 34.66 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Lola and Heather Esdon, 10 faults, 41.13 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club

PAWS4FUN was the only club to submit Adept results this month.

40x85 Intern Course Map

40x85 Intern Results

Top Dog: Zooey and Shannon Walshe, 0 faults, 28.53 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Fizz and Katherine Fraser, 0 faults, 29.97 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Otis and Sophie Fraser, 0 faults, 43.68 sec.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at

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