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September 2022 60x90 Results

This month we ran a game called Rekoons. This is one of those games that can blow your mind as a designer as well as a competitor. Why, you ask? Because Rekoons is Snooker backwards. The concept seems easy, but when you start really thinking about it, you get confused.

So, if we are running Snooker backwards, that means that the numbered sequence is run before the point accumulation period. Got it. But then, you run the numbered sequence in reverse. Okay, but do you run the sequence landing side to takeoff side? How did the judge number it? When you get to the point accumulation period, do you take a red first or a numbered obstacle first? See, it starts to get confusing…


Several handlers went for the fourth red for the win! I believe that a couple of clubs ran with the 4th red to be used only if one of the other reds is faulted. Sad Face. Additionally, not everyone went for all 7s. Cloud Nine teams used several approaches.

For example, Chia and Kendra chose a very efficient route as shown in the map below. She took the gimme 7 of the red path. Then she took 6 in flow off the A-frame (which wasn’t discussed in the rules) on the way to her next red on the pink path with a backside push. Finally, then she took her next red on the blue path and the 4-point jump. She finished with another point for the final red.

Ziggy and Sara also took the gimme red path but then went for red-4 on the pink path. They picked up another red 7 on the blue path. Daisy and Jenny took the gimme red-7 on the red path. Then took the pink path for red-3. They closed with red-4 and red-out.

The winning strategy was Augustus and Liz. The gimme red-7 was first. Then the teal path for another red-7. Blue path for red-7. Finally, the aqua path for red-7. Liz used some really nice backside pushes for her strategy.

60x90 Regular Results

2022 Sep 60x90 Reg Results
Download PDF • 366KB

Top Dogs

Top Dog Overall: Alaska and Liz Clements. 59 points, 38.32 sec.

2nd Place Dog: Shiela and Vickie DeMenge. 59 points, 39.19 sec.

3rd Place Dog: Augustus and Liz Clements. 59 points, 39.32 sec.

Top Dogs for Each Club:

Jumpin’ K-9’s: Mutya and Felipe Zanartu. 51 points, 39.49 sec.

Jumping C Crew: Alaska and Liz Clements. 59 points, 38.32 sec.

K9 Powersports: No Runs submitted

POTC Thunder Pawz: Barkley and Val Doubet. 52 points, 48.89 sec.

Cloud 9: Chia and Kendra Stein. 48 points, 28.75 sec.

60x90 Initiate/Dabbler Results

2022 Sep 60x90 ID Results
Download PDF • 190KB

Top Dog Overall: Barkley and Val Doubet. 52 points, 48.89 sec.

Second Place Dog: Tique and Pamela Mason. 51 points, 55.85 sec.

No Video

Third Place Dog: Useless and Mark Berg. 50 points, 45.21 sec.

No Video.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for download at All donations from the sale will go to Bud Houston.

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