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September 2022 IDAL League Courses

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The following courses are for September 2022 IDAL play.

Instructors, if you have some specific skills, scenarios, and/or obstacles you want to work when using the IDAL courses in class, please let me know. I will try my best to get them included. If anyone would like to request a specific game to play, let me know.

Folks are always welcome to try their hand at designing league courses!

Briefing for September 2022

The game for this month is called Rekoons. Rekoons is simply Snooker spelled backwards. Sounds simple, but it is confusing so pay attention!

It is played as a two-part game: Numbered sequence first - 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, then start point accumulation - Red, obstacle, Red, obstacle, Red, obstacle

1. Numbered Sequence: The numbered sequence must be attempted and is taken in reverse. Each obstacle is also taken in reverse. Start with the landing side of the #7b obstacle, then go to the end of the #7a A-frame and complete it, then #6, and so on, until the dog completes the #2 obstacle. Your course may not have a 7a/7B combo; it may be just #7. Please look at the map to see the correct direction! If the dog faults an obstacle in the numbered sequence, he must be directed to begin the second part - point accumulation.

Note: A dog going on to another obstacle in the opening after having faulted an obstacle, will earn a judge’s whistle, and end the game.

The dog earns the point value of every obstacle performed correctly in the opening for a maximum of 27 points.

2. Point Accumulation: The point accumulation period begins after the dog has completed the #2 obstacle in the opening or after faulting the opening sequence. Points are earned by the completion of a red hurdle and one (and only one) scoring obstacle of the handler’s choice. Each red hurdle can be used only once. Three or four of the red hurdles may be taken. At least three reds must be attempted. The fourth red is available in case another red is faulted or if you want to go for the win. If there are only 3 reds on your course, you take/attempt all three for points.

Point values for each individual obstacle performed without fault are represented by the numbers of the opening sequence. These obstacles are bidirectional in the point accumulation period, including both obstacles of #7. To get 7 points, both 7a and 7B must be taken. Each red jump is worth 1 point.

For example: After completing the #2 tunnel, the handler directs the dog to a red jump which is completed without fault. The team then completes 7a and 7b (in any order) obstacle set. The team earns 7 points + 1 for the red. The dog now completes a different red jump and then completes the #4 jump. The team earns an additional 4+1 points. They continue to another red jump, and so on.

Refusals and runouts are not faulted during point accumulation. A missed contact earns 0 points; go take another red if one remains. Dropped bars take a pointed obstacle out of play.

Point valued obstacle/s can be used more than once; one obstacle can actually be used up to 4 times since there are 4 red jumps on course. Note that you have only 4 opportunities to get points.

During point accumulation a whistle will indicate the end of scoring. Get across the finish line to stop time.

Scoring ends when any of the following occurs:

· A red hurdle is repeated.

· The dog takes more than one scoring obstacle after taking a red hurdle.

· The dog takes a scoring obstacle after faulting the red hurdle. If the dog drops a bar on a red jump, go to another red if another remains. If not, go stop time.

· The whistle sounds.

Dog faults opening but continues running the opening.


4” & 8” have 65 seconds

12”, 16”, & 20” have 60 seconds




An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs and individuals are always welcome to join us and play these courses. Download the scorekeeping worksheet below. Contact the League Secretary to help with the details at

Blank Scoresheets

Download XLS • 1.64MB

Download XLS • 1.45MB

Download XLS • 1.28MB

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